Watch Teşkilat Season 1 With English Subtitles

TRT1 has set the premiere date for its eagerly-awaited fast-paced intelligence drama, Teşkilat. Produced by Tims&B, Teşkilat is slated to air Sundays, beginning March 7, 2021.

Watch Teşkilat Season 1 With English Subtitles

Teşkilat will be the first-ever Turkish drama to offer insights into the inner workings of Turkey's National Intelligence Agency campus, which is kept secret and better known as 'The Castle.' The series will explore the struggles, sacrifices, and dedication of 7 patriots, who trade their own lives for the sake of protecting their country, and in doing so, they become invisible, literally living 'underground.'

Watch Teşkilat Season 1 With English Subtitles

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The homeland-loving heroes of seven extraordinary heroes will lock them to the screen!

A dark action against Turkey last structure, activating plans, attention in the international arena targets Turkey's UAV program and SIH. After this surprise move, it is decided to establish a secret team under the umbrella of the National Intelligence Organization.

“I OFFER YOU TO DIE” While this team, which will be established under the leadership of

experienced intelligence officer Mete ( Mesut Akusta ), is planned to undertake many secret operations at home and abroad; In order for these operations to reach the target and to be effective, the team members must be known on paper and "officially" dead ...

Mete Bey thinks Zehra ( Deniz Baysal Yurtcu ), Dayı (Tuncer Salman ), Pınar ( Ezgi Şenler ), Hulki ( Nihat Altınkaya ), Uzay ( Serdar Yeğin ) and Gürcan ( Ahmet Uğur Say ), one by one, and he tells each of them that everyone who knows them and their families should know themselves as dead. would accept their offer ...


The organization, the organization that brings together the best intelligence the leader of the team for the most popular names Serdar Kılıçaslan ( Ages Ertugrul ) is selected. Serdar, his love for homeland and his love Ceren ( Ezgi Eyüboğlu) (because Ceren will know Serdar as 'dead' due to this mission), the other members of the team, each of whom is specialized in their own field, realize that they will take an irreversible path.

How to Watch Teşkilat Season 1 With English Subtitles

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