Biography of Sultan Tekash - Mendirman Jalaluddin TV Series

Biography of Sultan Tekash - Mendirman Jalaluddin TV Series

Genghis Khan was capturing region by region all over the world. but, at the same, the divine destiny was giving birth to a warrior Prine Jaloliddin. He was the greatest rival of Genghis Khanin that era. Jalaluddin was born from was such mother who was a kind, brave, and very courageous woman.

What Genghis Khan said about Sultan Jalaluddin?

But even great warriors could not stand in front of his Sultan Jalaluddin. Genghis Khan had said about him that if I had a son like him, I would have conquered the whole world. Against Sultan Jalaluddin Genghis Khan was the first and last lead was the plywood wall. Of course, Jalaluddin did not defeat Genghis Khan, but not only stopped, but also chewed up the Tartars. Eventually, some traitors spied on the Sultan and killed his companions. Sultan Jalaluddin himself managed to escape and later spent the rest of his life in the name of Gum. No one could find out till today.

The Character of Sultan Tikash in Mendirman Jalaluddin

Sultan Takshayik was a sultan who was very appreciative of Ulema-e-Haq Kabra. He had a great passion for building madrassas. He was buried in a madrassa built by his own hands. But even in that short period of time, he had achieved remarkable successes. At the time of his death, the Seljuk kingdom and almost the entire territory of Iran had come under the control of the Khwarizmi government. The headline comes. Sultan Allauddin was also one of the descendants of Sultan Tikash. He was just and virtuous. He also knew the art of music and treated people well. Finally, this lamp was sent from this mortal world on 19th Ramadan 596 AH (3rd July 1200 AH).

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